Are you expanding overseas? Maybe you would like to know the different labor laws around the globe. It is critical that you know international working laws before you begin your career. Not many people think it is as significant as it sounds. However, in reality, you should take your time and do proper research. Keep reading to find out more regarding the different international labor laws. 



Here’s the International Labour Law


Child Labour is Not Allowed

Although this law is perhaps one of the most popular ones in most places, it is good to know it endures globally. Child labor is critically forbidden and is not defended anywhere. There are several strict laws regarding this subject and working time for younger children. Whether they are child stars or working for a company, it is strictly forbidden. 

Gender Equality: Same Salary for the Same Job  

Gender equality is something that has become advocated for popularly around the world. It is becoming a legitimate motive for countries to partake in revealing this law to the public. More governments are participating to advocate for equal salaries and the same pay for both men and women. If the jobs and positions are the same, the payment will be as well. 

Slavery or Forced Labour is not allowed.

Keeping or forcing slaves for labor is an immense crime and is not condoned anywhere. Many governments will take strict action against those who approve of this, and may face actual consequences. 

Prohibition of Exploitation: You Need to Get Paid for What You’ve Worked For

A law prohibiting an act of not fulfilling an overdue payment to someone who reasonably earned the money. Many governments are against such behavior and will not tolerate anyone who participates in this. 


As concluded, these are the top international labor laws currently found. If you are thinking of moving, it is crucial that you know all of these. 



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